3D model of  a “OE-hOLDeR” | © Odysseas Erodotou

3D model By Odysseas Erodotou

  • Design in Solidworks
  • Rendering in Photoview 360

OE-hOLDeR – Simple inventions are often the best and this is no exception! 

The “OE-hOLDeR” model is a 3D prototype model and was created to give a solution for those who are leaving their mobile phone lying precariously on the floor when is charging.

The OE-hOLDeR is a plastic model made by Polypropylene (PP), it consists from three separate parts that can be easily assembled. It can be placed very easily around a double standard UK socket and it is secured with eight socket set screws. It has 11cm length and 13cm width. It can be expant up to 20 cm lenght so a tablet can fit on it.

Also, it can be use to hold an mp3 player, PDA or any other portable electronic device when is charging.

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